Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lake Katherine, Palos Heights IL

It all started with a bad week at work.

If anyone tells you that the Flu is rough on the elderly, especially those in "community living"environments, do believe them! It is true. Loss of control, loss of lives.

Ah, so it's Friday...what does Barbara Mahany have to say today? Mahany is a feature writer for the Chicago Trib and a way-back-when friend of mine. In today's meandering she writes ..."just when we think we're broken, along comes someone, something, to haul us back from the empty brink"........."for those of us who count on bird and tree and sprig to offer counsel, dish out therapeutic session without the hefty fee-per-hour, there comes this time of year a subtle tapping on the shoulder, urging us on, giving us reason to believe".......

That tap came today from the on-line birding group whose members inform each other of the whereabouts of interesting sightings. Mark, who one year ago practically snatched me out of my car to come and see the American Bittern he found lurking in the bushes we all read about, has posted about the beautiful and approachable Trumpeter Swans he found at Lake Katherine. By Google, Mapquest, etc...I found Lake Katherine and headed out there today.

While visiting, I chatted with a Lake Katherine homestead resident who told me about the history of the now beautifully developed land that once was a garbage dump! describes the work that has been done in beautiful detail.

Tomorrow is back to work day, and I do feel re-charged.