Sunday, May 4, 2008

Waiting For................

An Indigo Bunting crossed my path (literally) yesterday as Kim, Jayne and I were leaving Ryerson Woods after a leisurly 4hr stroll.

I've been waiting to see this guy!!...they're here for such a short time each year, and so beautiful.

Other highlights of our birding day were a good look at a Blue Headed Vireo (a first for me) and good looks at a Northern Waterthrush and Black-Throated Green Warbler. (first of season)

Newbie birder Jayne has a penchant for the spotting the unusual. She gets credit for spotting the Vireo, and I'm reminded of last year when she lowered her binos and asked "what's that orange bird that's not a cardinal?" Yep it was a male Scarlet Tanager. Beginner's luck!?

I still haven't seen the Bunting at my feeders, but I have had other surprises this past week. Visit my Flickr page to see an unusual Grosbeak and an infrequent visitor, European Goldfinch.