Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pelicans at Nelson Lake, Illinois

Since I had to work this past weekend (two balmy spring-like days!), I took my binos and cameras along with me, and had more luck than I do on some actual birding excursions!

En route to my morning calls in Wonder Lake and Island Lake I heard, then observed a small group of Sandhills making their way up North.

Hawks are not an unusual occurrence this time of year....there were plenty of Red-Tails and Cooper's around.

My afternoon calls took me past Churchill Park in Glen Ellyn, where Great Blue Herons are participating in their nesting rituals.

After my last stop in St Charles, I continued on to Batavia to one of the year's highlights for me.....viewing the American White Pelicans that stop over at Lake Nelson on their way North.

Hundreds of them gather for about a three week period. Most of them were some distance out on the lake in fishing "rings". This is an amazingly graceful sight to see!

Closer to shore about 50 pelicans concentrated on preening! What fun they are to watch.

Ahh, spring has officially arrived!