Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fox River, Algonquin, IL

I went out on a Kingfisher mission last evening. I'm lucky that I can "put in" my kayak in front of my house. Getting back upstream is not as easy, but is do-able this time of year.
The kingfishers are noisy right now...mating perhaps. and feeding, for sure! It was fun to watch them dive and swoop up with a catch, tho I admit I'm not quite coordinated enough to keep the boat still and capture that kind of shot.

There are a few peeps around, mostly kildeer and solitary sandpipers. At times I've seen more exotic species along this little stretch between Algonquin and Carpentersville. Here is a Solitary.

There are many egrets around. I've seen as many as 8 at once up in a tree. They are more relaxed than the great blue herons are. This egret stood around for a good while, posing.

The little green herons are cute. This young one was flitting log to log, looking for the best meal.
I'm thinking a pair of waders and some camo might allow me to get closer (and hold the camera more steady) to view the kingfisher. Hmm, the thought of wading in the Fox isn't that appealing afterall. I'll just wait for a less windy day and get back in the boat. :)