Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dundee Township Dog Days of Summer 09

Randall Oaks Park in Algonquin was once again the site for the Second Annual Dog Days of Summer; an event originated by Robin of F.Y.D.O. http://www.fydoland.com/, and put in to action by the Dundee Township Parks Department. This year's event showcased many vendors and was very well attended by dogs of all kinds.

There were some "old friends" from last year, www.quietnature.com/blog/2008_09_08_archive.html

And a wide variety of "new friends".

ALL PAWS Veterinary Clinic staff was on had to provide free testing for fleas and heartworm. http://www.allpawsvet.com/

Here's ALL PAWS' tech Jen's new puppy Vinnie! He is sooo cute!

Various Doggie Day Care and Dog Training groups, as well as Rescue and Adoption groups were ready to answer the many questions posed to them by owners. Demos were provided to show us just how successful we can be teaching our pets tricks and commands.

This group of well behaved dogs was entertained thruout the morning with "Musical Sit", Agility Courses, "Funny Tricks", a Pet Parade and Costume Contest. This little guy got my proxy vote in the Costume Contest before I had to rush off to go to work!

I'm already looking foward to the 3rd Annual event...

To see photos from last years event, click on Sept. 2008 in the archives on this page.