Friday, May 2, 2008

They're Heeeeeeere !

Isn't he handsome! My first sighting was yesterday morning, following his "perdeep, perdeep" call. A lone male is here for now, staking out his territory. The female and other pairs will follow soon, and then nest building will begin. I so look foward to seeing the young fluffy babies.

Mr. Oriole is finding a couple of things slightly different this year....notably the two new cats who enjoy the deck. This doesn't stop him from visiting the well-stocked, strategically placed feeders, however.

Last year the Orioles went thru 10 quart jars of grape jelly, so I planned ahead and stocked up. They seem to really go thru the jelly while the babies are being raised. Between the orioles and the red-headed woodpecker I lug home about 20# of oranges a week in order to keep them well fed (or is it well hydrated??)

It's all quite worth it...they are stunning and entertaining birds for the short time they visit.