Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adopt-A-Husky Dogs at Starved Rock

I'm becoming quite the Husky groupie. These dogs are so much fun to watch, and I learn more and more about them each time I visit and photograph them. Nope, this guy isn't basking in the sun, he's giving an "ah-woo" call!

It was a cloudy day at Starved Rock last Sunday. I drove out there with a few things in mind: find some eagles, find a Snowy Owl and visit with the sled dogs. Plans A and B failed, but the nearly three hour trip was well worth it for some time with the Adopt-A-Husky group and their wonderful dogs.

Since the snow was melted, the WORKING DOGS DEMONSTRATION was presented using bikes, scooters, and good old fashioned walking/running.

Starved Rock was a beautiful back-drop for the action, and the lodge provided a comfy setting for an informative presentation about the Iditarod.

In between outdoor runs, the Huskys graciously "sat" for some portraits!

Visit their web site is and learn how you can help!